Milwaukee Bike-In Movie Series kicks off with Coming To America

The Milwaukee Bike-In Movie Series kicks off it’s sixth season this Friday, June 19th at Swing Park (Marsupial Bridge Media Garden) with a screening of Coming To America.

Thanks to the sponsors that make it all possible: Trocadero, Red Lion Pub on Tannery Row, Roman Coin, Centro Cafe, Riverwest Public House Cooperative, Riverwest Neighborhood, Fyxation, Breakaway Bicycle Courier LLC, Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park, Brady Street BID,, and Milwaukee Bike Polo LLC.

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Where does the Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride meet on June 11th??

Update: So we told a white lie and announced it a day early.. the Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride on June 11th is meeting at Reservoir Hill at 7pm, and will be leaving at 8pm sharp.

(continue reading below..)

So, you want to know where the Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride meets next Thursday, June 11th?

Last year’s underwear bike rides were ridiculously fun, and also grew tremendously in size. At a peak, I’d estimate we had 600+ people along for their ride. Add that to our fun afterparties with great bands and DJs, a surprise pool party, and a 200-person boat party out on Lake Michigan (sorry to those who couldn’t get on!), and you have yourselves one hell of a summer.

Rumor seems to have spread this year, as we already have 1300+ people RSVPed on the facebook event (whatever that will translate to on that actual rides). Organizing and running these rides can always be a little stressful day of due to a few black sheep not listening to instructions that are intended to make sure the ride is fun and safe for everyone involved. I’ve personally had to ask people to leave the ride who are endangering themselves and others, and I encourage you to do the same.

As an added deterrent to hopefully make the ride a little more under control, I decided to not openly tell everyone in advance where this first ride is going to meet. If you want to join us for the first underwear bike ride this year, you’ll have to go to this (free) fun-as-fuck dance party this Friday, June 5th at the Riverwest Public House, Pants Off Dance Off. This night also doubles as an unofficial Pridefest afterparty. Stop on by anytime after 9pm, stay and dance a little, then grab a flyer at the door on your way out with details for the June 11th underwear ride.

Speaking of the Riverwest Public House, I will give you some details on this first ride.. they’re nice enough to be hosting us again for our afterparty this month. A friend is setting up a FREE SHOW with Teen Mom (DC) and BRNDA from DC, as well Milwaukee’s Blonder and Teenage Woman. We’ll have Pabst tallboys and a shot on special for $5. Respect each other, respect the venue, respect the neighbors.

Please don’t be upset if you can’t make it to Pants Off Dance Off on Friday. I’m sure you’ll catch wind of details through the grapevine, but we’ll also be announcing the ride’s meet-up location just shy of midnight on Wednesday, June 10th.

The ride will meet at 7pm per usual, and leave at 8pm sharp. Please remember to bring your bike lights, a few dollars to donate towards patches and stickers, and we strongly recommend wearing a helmet.

We will also have Bicycle Benefits helmet stickers available that offer you discounts for bicycling all around Milwaukee, and this underwear ride may be the last box some of you need stamped on your Bike! Bingo card.

Back to the basics..

About the Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride

“Started as a one-time underwear ride to celebrate a birthday years ago, the Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride turned into a monthly summertime event that grew into something much larger. Since day one, they’ve been promoted as “a group ride just for fun, and to promote positive self-body image. Anyone and everyone is welcome!”.

This upcoming June marks our Six-Year Anniversary of hosting these rides during the summer months.

They have grown into somewhat of a mobile festival that explores the city via bicycle. It gives people a reason to get excited to tune up their bicycles, many buying a bicycle just to participate, and to simply get out and ride!

The rides always meet in public, outdoor spaces. We congregate, collect clothing donations, paint faces/bodies, distribute patches, stickers, and/or spoke cards for donations, and socialize with friends and strangers alike for an hour before taking off.

We typically ride 10-15 miles, with a mid-ride stop to break up the distance and socialize. The route is planned out ahead of time, then rode in advance by the main ride leader and a bunch of friends/volunteers, who then lead the ride night of. We go through some great neighborhoods and visit great spots around the city, so show respect to your environments. Make sure to clean up after yourselves, and throw out any trash (we bring bags) you may have.

As the ride has grown in size and new participants, we want to stress the importance of safety. Please ride safely and be respectful of others around you. We will be riding at a group pace, and following the rules of the road (i.e. staying in our lane, stopping at red lights, etc.). Remember to bring your bike lights!

If this is your first ride, or even if you’ve been to almost every one, please read this. This is a safe and fun ride for everyone involved, so let’s keep it that way.

We’re always looking for some ride “ambassadors” to help throughout the ride. You’ll be able to enjoy yourselves just like everyone else, but will be familiar with the route and help communicate different things to keep everyone safe. Flats and mechanical problems are bound to happen to a few, so we’ll also have ride support along to help anyone that might run into such problems and get you caught back up with the rest of the group. If you’re interested in helping, simply get in touch.

We organize and end the ride at a fun afterparty for every ride with a bunch of great bands and DJs. Half the fun of the event is the party, so stick around after the ride!

Past friends that have played; Albydammned, Animals In Human Attire, Asher Diamonds, Bellse Soneek, Crosss (Nova Scotia), Fresh Cut Collective, Ghastly City Sleep, Hewn, Kane Place Record Club, Jaill, Max Holiday, Real Numbers (MN), Riley Lake, Rio Turbo, Sat. Nite Duets, Sirius Booty, Soul Low, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!, Video Villains, WebsterX, and more. We’ve also had some great hosts at Bad Genie, The Best Place, Bruno’s, Cocoon Room, The Compound, Hi-Hat / The Garage, Hotel Foster, The Irish Pub, Milwaukee Beer Bistro, Redroom, Riverwest Public House, Tonic Tavern, Trocadero, Vista King (Boat Cruise), and Yield.

My friend Seth, who now lives out in Portand, said something a few years back that really stuck with me.

“Thursday was my first underwear ride, and I had a freaking amazing time. [..] Seeing the whole street packed with bikes both ahead of and behind me was exhilarating and made me immediately realize that we’re a pretty powerful force when we all get together.. I think we have a real chance of making a difference in this city, both in the present and for the future, and I want to be a part of that.”

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‘Bike! Bingo’ Kick-Off Party on Saturday, 4/18

​Bike riders will be psyched to hear that a new game called Bike! Bingo is launching in Milwaukee. A more exciting version of the game our grandparents play at the nursing home on Saturday nights, Bike! Bingo’s goal is to reward you for pedaling and exploring the streets of Milwaukee. The more you ride, the more you win. Visit area businesses (and some other spots) by bike and get your board stamped by employees. Get “bingo” and win prizes, fill up the whole care and redeem even more prizes!

Bike! Bingo is a “Celebration of Milwaukee by bike!” put on by Bryan Labissioniere of the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation and Ian Klepetar of the Bicycle Benefits program, which has recently come to the area.

Bike! Bingo kicks off this Saturday, April 18th from 2-5pm with bike shops set up at Purple Door Ice Creamt offering free mini-tune ups/adjustments to participants who bike over. The shops will be giving out tokens good for a free small cone inside. If you don’t pedal over, don’t expect anything! Then from 6-8pm, Bremen Cafe will be a hooking up those who ride over with free beer and Riverwest Pizza (while it lasts).

Bike! Bingo cards are available upon request at most of the Bike Benefits Milwaukee participating businesses and at area bike shops. You can request an area to have them distributed or email any questions to

Bicyclists can get their cards stamped at participating bingo locations until Saturday, June 13th. Bike! Bingo stops include;

- Amaranth Bakery
- Art For Bike’s Sake at Fyxation (May 15th)
- Belair (Humboldt & Water)
- Brewed Cafe
- Collectivo Coffee (Bayview, Grafton, Riverwest, Wauwatosa)
- Cory The Bike Fixer
- Coast In Bikes
- Clock Shadow Creamery
- Cutters at Milwaukee Public Market
- Cream City Swirl
- Fischberger’s Variety
- Great Lakes Distillery
- Ian’s Pizza (North)
- Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride (June __)
- Palomino
- South Shore Cyclery
- Stubby’s
- Truly Spoken
- Vulture Space
- Wheel & Sprocket (Fox Point)
- Wisconsin Bike Fed

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Bicycle Benefits Program comes to Milwaukee

Perhaps you’ve recently spotted some of this bicycle related parphenelia at local bars, shops and restaurants around Milwaukee recently and are wondering what it’s all about. This past October, Ian Klepetar, the founder of the Bicycle Benefits program pedaled into the area with the intent of bringing a program to the area which is well established and successful in Madison.

Despite arriving just before winter many area businesses were interested in supporting the intent of the program and willing to offer a discount or reward to arriving bike riders. Belair, Colectivo and the Lowlands Group restaurants already offer financial incentives to employees who ride their bikes to work, so joining Bicycle Benefits was a natural next step. Like beer and booze? 1/2 Off cocktails at Great Lakes Distillery, BOGO beers at Stubby’s and Highbury. Like Ice Cream? 20% Off at Purple Door. Like coffee? Free refills at Brewed and 10% Off at Colectivo. Like pizza? 20% Off at Transfer & $1 Off slices at Ian’s Pizza.

Locations are joining every weeks so use the Bicycle Benefits on your phone or computer to stay in the loop and see the complete listing and details of their offers. More so, many of the locations that have signed up with the program are now hosting bicycle floor pumps for patrons to fill up their tires when stopping by.

Want to join?: Individuals who are interested can pick up a $5 sticker for their helmet (doesn’t expire) at a participating business. Upon visiting any of the Bicycle Benefits locations by bike, participants bring in their helmet, show it and receive a discount or reward for riding. You can use the same sticker in Madison, Appleton, the Twin Cities and many other cities.

Signing up as a business: Bicycle Benefits is a great way for businesses owners to encourage more patrons to show up on bikes and become a bicycle-friendly destination. The more substantial the discount or reward which they offer, the more success they will have with the program and standout as a place that loves bikes. It’s easy for businesses to join, so passing on this sign-up link to your favorite haunts could help boost the program and get you a deal for riding.

The program’s intent is to encourage more trips by bicycle, help to push our culture to support biking and to engage the business community with a tool they can use to become more bicycle-friendly. As a way to keep folks from driving and misusing the program, all program materials state that the program sticker is attached to the individual’s helmet and the associated trips to the participating businesses must be done by bicycle.

Questions? Contact

Like Bike Benefits Milwaukee on Facebook for more news and events.

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Group Bike Ride, ‘Aftermass’ Outdoor Screening, and Camping before May Day RW24 Registration

The next MKEBKE Monthly Group Bike Ride is on Thursday, April 30th. We’ll be meeting up at 7pm in Garden Park, located on Locust and Bremen. The ride will take off around 7:30pm.

We’ll be ending the ride back at Garden Park around 9-9:30pm, where we’ll settle in and be projecting the Wisconsin premiere of Aftermass: Bicycling in a Post-Critical Mass Portland on the side of the Riverwest Public House. You may have attended the Dinner And Bikes Tour (hitting the road again this April/May) a couple summers ago when Joe Beil showed near-complete excerpt Aftermass, the now-released documentary about the history of bicycle activism in Portland.

Watch the Aftermass trailer below:

May Day (5/1) is the next day, which means hundreds of people will be packed into Garden Park, patiently waiting to register for the Riverwest24 (July 24-25). Once they open the doors, they start registering individuals and teams until the RW24 hits it’s rider capacity, which usually takes around an hour. To guarantee a spot in line, hundreds of people line up first thing in the morning, and a smaller handful of folks even set up camp overnight to be some of the first to register.

With that in mind – following the documentary, whoever wants to stick around is welcome to join us in pitching a tent and camping in the park overnight. We’ll stay up late telling ghost stories, it’ll be fun. Pack and plan for yourself, bring some food or drink to share, clean up after yourselves, and respect the neighbors (don’t be too loud).

(photo by Alysia Dvorachek, Urban Milwaukee)

In the morning, the Riverwest Public House is extending their premises to serve coffee, bloody marys, mimosas, and other drinks in Garden Park. Wake up the right way, get some breakfast/lunch, and hang out with your friends / neighbors until they open up doors for the Riverwest24 registration.

(even if you don’t “get in”, a great way to get involved with the RW24 is volunteering!)

See you in the park!

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Come watch ‘Quicksilver’ this Thursday, 3/26 at Lakefront Brewery

Coast In Bikes and MKEBKE are hosting night three of their five-part Winter Cycle-In Cinema Series at Lakefront Brewery this Thursday, March 26th. They’ll be showing Quicksilver (featuring Kevin Bacon) at 7pm.

Lakefront growlers are 1/2 off on Thursday nights, so grab one of your favorite beer on your way out!

“Though inspired by our friends with the summertime Milwaukee Bike-In Movie Series, this is an unrelated series that came about in response to our cabin fever, and in hopes of giving you a reason to get out of the house with some friends for a winter bike ride, watch some movies, and maybe a enjoy few beers.”

For more information and updates, visit


Remaining Dates –

Thursday, April 23rd (Night Four)
ft. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
at BigHead Brewing Company
6204 W. State
Wauwatosa, WI

Thursday, May 21st (Final Night)
ft. Triplets Belleville
at District 14 Brewery & Pub
2273 S. Howell Avenue
Bayview, WI

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RAY’S x MKEBKE Free Night on Wednesday, 4/1

RAY’S MTB and MKEBKE are teaming up for a FREE night at the indoor mountain bike park on Wednesday, April 1st from 6-10pm.

(the last day of the 2014-2015 season is April 26th)

Like Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park and on Facebook for FREE entry. You can bring your own bike, otherwise rentals are $14.99.

Carpooling encouraged – post any ride offers/requests on the facebook event page.

Helmets and waivers are required, both of which are available at the park. For pictures/videos, rental bikes, and other info on the park, check out

For all other information, check out the event page or

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Shifting Gears: A Cyclical History of Badger Bicycling (Exhibit)

The Wisconsin Historical Museum is opening their Shifting Gears: A Cyclical History of Badger Bicycling exhibit this Friday, February 27th, which runs through October 10th before moving to the History Museum at the Castle in Appleton on November 4th.

“Travel through 130 years of cycling history at the Wisconsin Historical Museum, in the new exhibition Shifting Gears: A Cyclical History of Badger Bicycling. On display Febuary 27th through October 10th, the exhibit showcases the crucial role that Wisconsin has played in two national bicycling eras. Shifting Gears features historic bicycles and interactive experiences!”


Dates: February 27 – October 10, 2015
Times: Tuesday — Saturday, 9am — 4pm. Closed Sunday and Monday.
Admission is by donation. Suggested: Adults $4, Children $3, Family $10

Side Note – The time, energy, and resources committed to displaying this exhibit should be more than enough proof to the Milwaukee Public Museum that maybe they should share their wonderful collection of historical bicycles with the public. This neglected collection has been collecting dust in their basement for decades, which includes “some of this country’s oldest and rarest bicycles, is among the finest to be found, second only to that of the Smithsonian Institution in our nation’s capital.” – Michael Horne, “The Greatest Exhibit You’ve Never Seen” (Milwaukee Magazine, July 2011)

More details on the Wisconsin Historical Society’s website

“Would you like to be a Green Bay Packer and make the famous bicycle ride to training camp practice through legions of fans? Or pedal the historic 32-mile Elroy-Sparta Trail in under ten minutes? Wondering what in the world a velocipede made in 1869 looks like? Now is your opportunity with a new exhibition opening at the Wisconsin Historical Museum on February 27, 2015.

Travel through 130 years of Wisconsin cycling history in “Shifting Gears: A Cyclical History of Badger Bicycling”. Showcasing the crucial role that Wisconsin has played in two national bicycling eras, “Shifting Gears” features historic bicycles and artifacts, intriguing images, and virtual interactive experiences. Discover how the long, colorful, and sometimes contentious story of the growth and development of cycling in Wisconsin in the late 1800s is once again playing out today.

Wisconsin has long been a leader in cycling for transportation and recreation, advocacy, manufacturing, and tourism. As early as the 1890s Wisconsin had bike paths, was a tourist destination for cyclists, and boasted a national bike racing champion. Today biking is again a top Wisconsin recreation, commuter and industry innovator. The state’s rich history of cycling can better inform us about the bicycle’s shifting place in our cities and on our roads.

This unique exhibition pulls together a wide range of historic and contemporary bicycles and gear from familiar names such as Trek and Harley-Davidson to intriguing rarities like the Monowheel – a machine in which the rider pedals from inside a massive wooden wheel! You won’t see a rich and diverse collection of fascinating Wisconsin bicycles and stories anywhere else, and Wisconsinites will have two opportunities to see the show in 2015.

“Shifting Gears” is co-created by the Wisconsin Historical Society and the History Museum at the Castle in Appleton, Wisconsin. The exhibit opens at the Wisconsin Historical Museum on February 27th, 2015 and runs through October 10th, 2015. It will open at the History Museum at the Castle in November 2015. Have questions? Call 608-264-6566 for more information.”

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Winter Cycle-In Cinema Series kickstarts with Coneheads and BMX Bandits

Coast In Bikes and present Winter Cycle-In Cinema Series, featuring five movie nights organized between February through May. Each night will be hosted in a different neighborhood in Milwaukee, with the last one as part of Bike To Work Week 2015, running May 11th – 15th.

Though inspired by our friends with the summertime Milwaukee Bike-In Movie Series, this is an unrelated series that came about in response to our cabin fever, and in hopes of giving you a reason to get out of the house with some friends for a winter bike ride, watch some movies, and maybe a enjoy few beers.

Stay tuned for the remaining dates, movies, and venue announcements for the full Winter Cycle-In Cinema Series. For more information and updates, visit


2533 N. Pierce, Riverwest, Milwaukee

hosted by


BMX BANDITS starting @ 7PM
followed by
CONEHEADS @ 8:30PM(ish)


The Attic is Aytan (Truly Spoken Cycles) and Steve’s (MKEBKE) house, we just wanted to kickstart the series in the intimate space of our home. Please be respectful of our house and neighbors.

There will be space to lock up in the backyard, just walk your bike along left side of the house. After you lock up, use the back door and follow the stairs all the way up to the attic. If you plan on eating, please bring a dish to share. Happy to have you over to our home, we’ll see you soon!

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MKEBKE Monthly Group Bike Ride on Thursday, 1/29


MEET 7PM @ DINO’S IN RIVERWEST (808 E. Chambers)

RSVP on facebook

(photo by Owen Heu)

“Started as a one-time-turned-monthly underwear bike ride a few summers ago, MKEBKE is excited to continue a fun, monthly group ride open to any and all riders. If you haven’t been on one, you’re sure to seen or heard of a fun-loving group of riders showing Milwaukee roads some two-wheeled love. These group rides are just for fun, anyone and everyone is welcome. I encourage you to come check out the ride, socialize, and enjoy yourselves.”

Have any route or stop suggestions? Get in touch before the ride!

Please ride safely and be respectful of other riders. Remember to bring your bike lights!


If you’d like to be a part of an earlier discussion for a new bicycle infrastructure project discussion in Milwaukee, join us at Dino’s a little earlier at 6pm.

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