Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride on Thursday, 9/12

The Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride is back for its fourth summer of monthly rides. Join us on Thursday, September 12th for the last underwear ride of this summer!

“This is a group ride just for fun, and to promote positive self body image. Anyone and everyone is welcome!”

The ride meets on the top of the highest point in the Milwaukee, Reservoir Hill. This is the large park overlooking the city between North Avenue and Meinecke in Riverwest. We’re all meeting at 7pm, and leaving soon after. Please make sure to show up on time if you want patches and/or stickers for the ride (asking for a $2-3 donation).

We encourage everyone to ride down in clothes that they’re willing to strip out of and donate to St. Vincent de Paul.

Afterparty &
MKEBKE 3-Year Anniversary

We’ll be ending the ride at The Best Place, located at 9th and Juneau on the historic Pabst Brewery grounds. We’re excited to have some good friends joining us for the night!


WHAT TO BRING: smile, positive attitude, underwear, lights, bike lock, helmet, your ID, radios, face paint, construction worker vests!

WHAT NOT TO BRING: negative attitudes, reckless behavior, sandals, rollerblades


We’re looking for some ride “ambassadors” to help throughout the ride. You’ll be able to enjoy yourselves just like everyone else, but will be familiar with the route and help communicate different things to keep everyone safe. Flats and mechanical problems are bound to happen to a few, so we’ll also have ride support along to help anyone that might run into such problems and get you caught back up with the rest of the group. If you’re interested in helping, simply get in touch.


If this is your first ride, or even if you’ve been to almost every one, please read this. This is a safe and fun ride for everyone involved, so let’s keep it that way.

Please ride safely and be respectful of others around you. We will be riding at a group pace, and following the rules of the road (i.e. staying in our lane, stopping at red lights, etc.). Remember to bring your bike lights!

Pabst Blue Ribbon
Vulture Space
Wheel & Sprocket
Ian’s Pizza

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